An activity run by our family

Our farm, which is surrounded by Lessini hills, in province of Vicenza, offers organic products only, and is guaranteed by the care that a family run business can offer, as well as the quality certification of control bodies. The sunny position at 450 asl and the soil characteristics grant valuable products rich in flavor and aroma. The organic oil “Le Passioni” is the result of the work of our family. starting from the pruning, harvesting, cold milling, up to the packing. The whole process which takes place from the tree up to the bottle occurs through our hands only.

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Our awards

Grande Olio Slow

Inserito nella Guida agli extra vergini Slow Food 2019 come “Grande Olio Slow”
Il Grande Olio è il premio attribuito all’extravergine che si è distinto per particolari pregi dal punto di vista organolettico e perché ben rispecchia territorio e cultivar. A queste caratteristiche, il premio Grande Olio Slow aggiunge il riconoscimento delle pratiche agronomiche sostenibili applicate.

Gambero Rosso 2018

Inserito nella guida con 3 foglie

AIPO d'Argento 2018

1° Classificato nella categoria Fruttato Leggero


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