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BIO OIL “La Fontana” (250ml)


This oil is produced by using exclusively olives coming from a field “la Fontana ” The fountain.
In this place, there was an ancient water source that was originally used to provide water to the earth.
Today the olive grove surrounded by a rich vegetation of chestnut and acacia trees.

Our farm is divided into 4 olive groves, each with the original name of the place where it is located where it is located and with a different composition of the cultivars.

We do not say our olives are of Italian origin, they are exclusively produced in our farm. We allow our customers even to choose the origin of olives up to the field of origin, because this is what a family-run business can guarantee.


Planted: march 2007
Location: south-east
Composition: 35% Frantoio, 25% Leccino, 28% Grignano, and 12% Favarol
Harvesting: mechanical shaking and traditional hand picking
Milling: within 4 hours from the harvesting
Extraction: cold extraction with two phases decanter

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